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How Long Will My Breast Implants Last?

How long will my Breast Implants LastFor many women, breast implants are an opportunity to improve their appearance, gain back their self confidence and take control of their life. Women don’t always get the breasts they should have been born with, which is why they turn to cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance. Whether they   lift their breasts after years of pregnancy and breastfeeding, or they  enlarge the size of their breasts, they will need to know about how long their augmentation will last.

Dr. Kevin Sadati performs hundreds of breast enhancement procedures at his Newport Beach practice, and has found that there is no specific expiration date on the breast augmentation. Unlike the facelift procedure, which has a lifespan of about a decade, breast implants can last a decade or can last an eternity. A lot of it is dependent on the specific patient, her lifestyle and the work she had done in the first place. The most common reasons that women have to have their implants removed is because of leakage or deflation, but there also are other reasons that might cause a woman to remove to breast implants.

Most Orange County women will find that their implants will last anywhere from 5 years to 25 years. It is important to realize that the implants are devices that are created by man; therefore, they are subject to deterioration and deflation. Sometimes, the implants can reach a point of deterioration that they are unsafe for the body, and they must be removed. At this point, a woman can decide if she wants to replace the implants or simply live without them once again. Dr. Kevin Sadati is a highly skilled surgeon who is up to the challenge of performing a revision breast augmentation if necessary.

He recommends that his patients who have breast implants visit his office at least once a year to check on the status of the implants and make sure everything is going well for the patient.

Dr. Sadati offers patients the choice between silicone and saline implants for their breast augmentation. It is important that patients considering this procedure understand the difference between the two types of implants. Silicone implants have been known to be sturdier than saline, and, therefore, can last a longer amount of time. However, if a silicone implant leaks surgery will be necessary to remove the implant. Leaking silicone implants are known to cause bruising as well as infections. Saline implants may not last as long, but if they do leak the substance will be absorbed naturally and safely by the body.

To find out more about your breast augmentation options, contact Dr. Kevin Sadati’s office today. He will be happy to discuss with you the different options available and help you get an understanding of how long your surgery results will last. At the end of the day, his priority is providing patients with the results they desire.



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