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Facts About Rhinoplasty and its Cost

Facts About Rhinoplasty and its CostRhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery options at Dr. Kevin Sadati’s practice. Commonly referred to as a “nose job,” this surgery aims to improve not only the look of Orange County patients’ noses, but also the functionality. Each rhinoplasty is different, and some focus more on external factors while others are solely internal surgeries. Newport Beach patients who are interested in this procedure should set up a free consultation with Dr. Sadati, as well as read over this fact sheet to decide if it is the right procedure for them.

Facts About Rhinoplasty

Patients can expect the surgeon to use local anesthesia, general anesthesia or local anesthesia in combination with sedation in order to perform the surgery.

This surgery can take anywhere from two hours to three hours, depending on the goals of that particular procedure.

The average patient is able to return to work or daily life after seven days. Patients are restricted on several activities, including exercise. Light exercise can be resumed about four days after the surgery, and more intense exercise regimes can be continued two or three weeks afterwards.

Dr. Sadati creates a custom plan of action for each patient. It is extremely important that patients are open and honest with the surgeon about what goals and desires they have for the surgery. Remember that aesthetic issues will be addressed as well as functionality issues.

Patients should recognize that results will not be immediately seen when they look in the mirror. There is some initial swelling and bruising that will take several days to subside and may not completely subside for several weeks. It can be up to 12 months before patients see the true result of the surgery.

The surgeon will prescribe a series of pain medications, antibiotics and vitamins to help patients during the recovery process.

Patients should make sure to have the surgical team take before pictures and after pictures so that they can see the exact impact their rhinoplasty procedure had on their face.

Cost of Rhinoplasty

While Dr. Sadati recognizes that cost is often a factor for many patients considering this plastic surgery procedure, he emphasizes that it should not be the only factor that patients consider. A highly skilled surgeon who will produce better results will charge more for this procedure, but patients should recognize that it is worth it to work with a true professional. The average rhinoplasty in this Orange County practice costs between $5,000 and $7,000. Besides the surgeon, other factors that influence the cost include where the surgery is performed and who the anesthesiologist is for the procedure. Patients should note that there might be financial aid options available, such as financing.

Patients should remember that a cosmetic surgery procedure is an investment in themselves and an investment in their future. In the end, patients find that they not only look better, but they feel better. A highly skilled surgeon can make a nose function so well that a person’s sleep improves as well as their general breathing ability. At the same time, patients enjoy that their new noses look great, providing an instant boost to their self confidence. For more information on the cost of this procedure and possible financing options, contact our office today.



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