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Face Shapes and Facelifts: Not One Size Fits All

Facelift procedures can be customized depending on the many desires of the potential patient. The surgery is meant to re-create the youthful appearance interrupted by signs of aging. To do this effectively with natural-looking results, facelifts need to be sculpted to your individual needs. Dr. Sadati understands that facelifts cannot be one-size-fits-all procedures and must be individualized in order to achieve beautiful results. He works with each patient extensively to craft their ideal facial contours with a harmonious overall appearance.


Facelift with Dr. Sadati

Dr. Sadati is renowned for his facelift technique. He understands his patients want natural-looking results. His natural facelift method is notorious for providing the unique results desired by each patient. Dr. Sadati’s facelift technique is called Triple C Plication. It utilizes uniform tension on the facial muscles to create a smooth, natural surface. This eliminates the “pulled” look often associated with a traditional facelift. Dr. Sadati’s pioneered facelift technique is inspired by his background as an artist.

Artistic Results

Choosing a plastic surgeon who understands the complexities of the face anatomically and artistically is essential. The best plastic surgeons are those who have been extensively trained in surgery, are empathetic, and have an artistic eye. Dr. Sadati is a painter and sculptor, with a surgical practice built on his belief in combining artistry with cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Sadati takes his time to make important considerations according to your face shape and contours. He will then adjust his technique towards a more feminine or masculine appearance according to the goals of his patient.

Facelifts for Men

The natural face shape of men differs from that of women. Men tend to have more square face shapes with stronger edges. Dr. Sadati understands this, so he will work to lift the skin, smooth the face, and create these strong edges to correspond with a masculine face shape.

Facelifts for Women

Women tend to have rounder faces with softer features than men. This means the facelift will need to follow the parameters of feminine delicacy while smoothing out wrinkles, lifting sagging skin, and filling any volume depressions.

Although these face shapes and considerations may fall into either masculine or feminine categories, most important is the opinion and goals of the patient. Dr. Sadati’s primary objective is to exceed his patient’s expectations.

Choosing Dr. Kevin Sadati for Your Facelift

Dr. Sadati is a surgeon and an artist. This combination of skills works to give you an ideal appearance after your facelift. Due to his experience, training, surgical finesse, and artistic talent, Dr. Sadati is one of the most sought-after facelift surgeons in Orange County. To see the beautiful, harmonious results he can create, take a look at his facelift gallery.

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