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Dr. Kevin Sadati Discusses How Plastic Surgery Could Affect Election Poll Results

A recent survey revealed how some voters would change their stance if they found out a candidate had undergone elective cosmetic surgery. Dr. Kevin Sadati offers insight on how elective cosmetic procedures, like face lifts, can both help and hurt candidates in the polls.

Individuals who decide to run for president are certainly in the spot light. Everything from comments made by the candidate to outfits they wore become the talk of news providers worldwide. It is no surprise that a potential candidates appearance is a common topic of discussion. Donald Trumps hair, for example, has been the focus of much discussion. Despite the fact that his hair is often the brunt of a joke in such discussions, it may surprise viewers that it has not affected his poll ratings. Despite this, some experts conclude that if Donald Trump was getting Botox, the poll ratings might actually be affected.

A recent Google Consumer Survey of around 400 registered voters found that a significant number of respondents would reconsider their voting choices if they heard that a candidate had undergone an elective cosmetic procedure. In many cases, this would be true whether the information was factual or not.

While this could be bad for some candidates, it could also help some. The survey revealed that 21 percent of male voters would reconsider voting for Hillary Clinton if they found out she had a facelift. Likewise, 14 percent of female voters would also support her if they heard she had a facelift.

According to Dr. Kevin Sadati, These results are enlightening. They show that candidates are judged not only by what they say, but how they look. While judging candidates according to appearance is nothing new, it is interesting that many voters believe cosmetic procedures can improve a candidates merit in their eyes. Procedures like facelifts can offer a candidate a more youthful and pleasing appearance to voters, which could in turn gain the candidate more support during election time.

Dr. Kevin Sadati provides a wide range of cosmetic surgery options, from natural facelifts to fat grafting to patients in the Orange County area. One of Dr. Sadatis most popular procedures is his natural facelift. He developed this breakthrough facial muscle tightening technique, known as the Double C Plication, which applies a uniform tension on the facial muscles to create a smoother and more natural, youthful look. Many traditional facelift techniques leave the patient not looking like themselves afterwards. People notice that, Dr. Sadati stated. My Natural lift will not give you a pulled look on the mouth, nor will there be any tissue bunching at the hairline. Rather, you will have the smoother and more youthful look you are looking for.

Dr. Sadatis patients who undergo cosmetic procedures will not only benefit from the procedures themselves, but also from the use of twilight sedation and local anesthesia. Many cosmetic surgeons perform procedures with the use of general anesthesia, a method that not only adds risk and downtime, but also expense. Dr. Sadati uses twilight sedation and general anesthesia to ensure his patients are relaxed and comfortable before, during and after each procedure. The use of these techniques compared with more traditional techniques offers greater benefits to patients.

Dr. Kevin Sadati is a top board certified facial plastic surgeon in Newport Beach. He has the expertise and experience needed to address and satisfy any concerns patients have. Those who are interested in Dr. Sadatis natural facelift or other cosmetic procedures should view his website at /.



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