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Different Types of Septoplasty Incisions

The septoplasty procedure is one of the few operations performed by facial plastic surgeons that is necessary for medical reasons. This procedure attempts to address the deviated septum within the structure of the nose. By closing the deviation, the surgeon is able to help the patient breathe better and improve their sleeping habits.

In order to begin the septoplasty, the surgeon will make one of several different types of incisions at the surgical site. Orange County patients should discuss the type of incision that will be used for their procedure during the initial consultation.

What are Available?

  • Transfixion or Hematransfixion Incision This incision is made at the caudual border of the septum, and is the best choice for patients who whose caudual septum is deviated in addition to the more common portions, such as posterior deflections.In fact, the hematransfixion is the most common septoplasty incision because it provides the surgeon with the best access to the nose and the septal structure. This incision type in particular allows the greatest access to the caudual septum but also ensures that tip support is provided to the lowest degree.
  • Killian Incision The Killian incision is another type of septoplasty incision, but it does not provide the surgeon with the greatest amount of accessibility to the septal structure. Therefore, it is only beneficial for certain types of patients to have this incision used for their operation.The Killian incision is best for people who have a septal deviation that occurs in the middle or posterior third of the nasal structure. However, because the caudual septal edge is not accessible using this incision, the risk of membrane tearing is elevated significantly.
  • Cottle Elevator Incision The Cottle Elevator incision requires the surgeon to utilize a specialized tool in order to craft the best results for the patient. One side of the tool has a sharp spade on the end which is used to create the actual incision. The second side of the tool has a dull, flat edge that is used in order to elevate the structure of the nose without traumatizing the rest of the fragile nasal structure.

A person who is having trouble breathing during normal daily activities or feels like their nose is constantly congested may be suffering from a deviated septum. Some Newport Beach patients are born with this structural issue, whereas others develop a deviated septum as a result of an injury. In order to find out if the septoplasty procedure is right for you, set up a consultation appointment with an expert facial plastic surgeon.

The septoplasty will provide the patient with structural results and symptom improvement, but cosmetic results cannot be achieved with this surgery alone. A rhinoplasty is the only procedure that will address the appearance of the nose. A nose job can be combined with the septoplasty in what is referred to as the septorhinoplasty surgery. For more informationcontact an expert cosmetic surgeon today.



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