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Different Aging Rates for Men and Women

Different Aging Rates for Men and WomenWhen a couple takes their vows at their marriage ceremony, they are committing to stay with each other for the rest of their lives. They look forward to all of the adventures they will have together, including growing old with one another. However, it’s important that men and women understand that the aging process will affect everyone differently. Men are going to experience one set of aging symptoms while women will typically undergo a different sort of process.

While couples cosmetic surgery is becoming trendy across the globe, Dr. Kevin Sadati recommends that Orange County couples who are interested in talking with a plastic surgeon set up their own cosmetic consultation appointments at his Newport Beach practice. This allows Dr. Sadati to evaluate each patient as an individual and address their personal needs before setting up a couple cosmetic surgery appointment.

Male Aging Symptoms and Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

For men, the first signs of aging are often going to appear on their face. Male patients will find that deep lines and wrinkles will often turn up on their forehead, making them appear as if they have a permanently furrowed brow. In addition, the dominance of their chin will start to diminish with time.

Men who are hoping to address the deep lines and wrinkles on their face will find that a facelift procedure or a non-surgical facelift procedure will set the clock back for them. A facelift is a surgical procedure that provides long-term results for the patient. The average facelift patient will enjoy the results of their surgery for 8-10 years before the signs of aging appear once again. A non-surgical facelift provides the patient with temporary relief from the aging process, and patients typically have to have dermal fillers injected every 6-9 months to maintain their appearance. To help keep their chin as a strong, dominant feature, men can opt to have a chin implant surgery performed.

 Female Aging Symptoms and Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Women will find that they do not get the same deep lines and wrinkles as men. They are more apt to have fine lines show up around their eyes and the corners of their mouth. Women are more prone to have sagging skin around the neck area than men.

Women can benefit from both surgical and non-surgical facelift procedures, as well. In order to address the sagging skin around their neck, they can have a procedure called a neck lift which addresses this specific region. The neck lift is often performed at the same time as a traditional facelift procedure.

Couples who are about to enter into their golden years together and are starting to notice the first signs of aging should note that the experience is different for each person. There are both environmental and genetic factors that contribute to the aging process, and patients should understand that each person will be affected differently. It’s important for couples who are going through this, to be supportive of one another but recognize that each person will require different treatments and solutions in order to appear as young and vibrant as they feel. To set up your free cosmetic consultation appointment with Dr. Sadati, contact his office today.



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