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Considering A Tummy Tuck?

Patients in the Newport Beach and Orange County area who are struggling with loose abdominal skin may want to consider a tummy tuck procedure, also called an abdominoplasty in its more extensive form, with Dr. Kevin Sadati. The exact type of tummy tuck needed will depend upon the degree of loose skin and sagging skin, but Dr. Sadati works closely with each patient to give them the recommendations for the procedure type that is ideal for their situation.


Mini Tummy Tuck

The “mini” tummy tuck is meant primarily for patients who have never had kids, or those who have just had one child. Generally, this means that the patient has a fairly minimal amount of extra skin around the abdomen. This procedure is done under general anesthesia but is the least invasive type of tummy tuck. There is only one short scar, typically horizontal.

Standard Tummy Tuck

The next type of tummy tuck surgery is the standard tummy tuck. Patients with more abdominal fat — the excess loose skin that will typically come with two or more pregnancies, for example — this is generally the type of procedure needed. This surgery is far more in depth as the extra skin is removed, and damaged stomach muscles that lie beneath the excess abdominal fat are repaired. In the standard tummy tuck,  there will be a long scar that covers the lower abdominal area, usually covering the area spanning the hip bones.

Extended Tummy Tuck

Finally, the most extensive  tummy tuck is the full abdominoplasty, sometimes called the extended tummy tuck. Patients who have a great deal of excess skin — for example, people who have undergone bariatric surgery and are left with far too much skin after their extensive weight loss, or women who have had multiple children — are often the ideal candidates for this surgical procedure. The surgery is an extensive one, removing extra skin from the abdominal area and upper leg area, as well as repairing and tightening damaged stomach muscles.

The scar from this type of tummy tuck is longer than that left by either of the other two types: It will normally cover the front part of the lower abdomen horizontally, as well as covering a portion of the sides of the body too. This surgery is actually more than the name “tummy tuck” might imply: It is really a rejuvenation of the whole lower abdominal area, from the tummy to the upper parts of the legs.

The important thing to know about tummy tuck procedures is that they aren’t designed as weight loss surgeries, but rather as enhancement surgeries. For that reason, Dr. Kevin Sadati recommends that patients are as close to a healthy weight — their ideal weight — as possible prior to undergoing the tummy tuck procedure. This can help to guarantee that each patient has realistic expectations and that the results are in line with what they had been hoping for. A tummy tuck can really have a major transformative impact on your body, so please feel free to call our office to book a free consultation today!



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