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Considering a Rhinoplasty? What You Need to Know Before You Schedule Your Consultation

Across Southern California, many people believe that summer is the best time to schedule a nose job. With plenty of time for nose surgery recovery, they have found summer to be the perfect time to make cosmetic change to their nose.

Dr. Kevin Sadati, an expert and experienced nasal surgeon, based out of Newport Beach, California notes that there are many different cosmetic procedures that rise in popularity during the summer months and Rhinoplasty is one of them. He explains that “Summer is a wonderful time of year to have a nose procedure, because patients typically have the time to devote to a full and complete recovery.

Not All Nose Jobs Are Created Equal

Print Nose - Gonzalez, Regina - B&A R. Side ViewRhinoplasty, often referred to as a nose job, has long been one of the most desired facial plastic surgery procedures among younger patients and older adults. These patients are typically looking to make cosmetic changes to their nose.  

Whether its a bump on the bridge, wide nostrils, an enlarged tip, or a nose thats simply too big, there are options. A bump on the of the nose can be reduced to make the nose straighter, or a nasal tip can be refined to make a bulbous or droopy tip smaller.  A wide nose can even be narrowed to have a more defined, slimmer and normal looking nose shape. An expert and highly experienced facial plastic surgeon that specializes in nasal surgery can create a customized, natural looking nose to fit a patients face perfectly.

Nose jobs are specialized art form. For example, Rhinoplasty can be performed on teenagers once their nose has become fully developed. It is the most common cosmetic surgical procedure performed on teenagers in Southern California. The development of healthy self-esteem is critical during the teenage years, and a nose that is misshapen or too large can lead to feelings of insecurity during this time. Many teens find that summer vacation is the ideal time for them to have nose surgery since they have a few months of school for proper rhinoplasty recovery.  

Orange County Newport Beach Male Rhinoplasty 63 RA male rhinoplasty improves the appearance of a mans nose without diminishing the dominant features of the male face. Unlike female patients, men don’t want a petite, refined or feminine nose. Rather, they aim to achieve a strong, masculine nose that better suits their face, improves their overall appearance and delivers enhanced confidence.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty aims to improve the appearance of a person’s nose without eliminating the natural beauty of a person’s ethnic characteristics. Dr Sadati is committed to achieving the most natural cosmetic results possible and notes that the best outcome occurs when surgeons honor their patients’ genetic heritage.

Having performed countless successful rhinoplasty procedures for discerning patients of Hispanic, African, Asian, Middle Eastern and Greek descent, Dr. Sadati possesses a rare ability to deliver rhinoplasty results that accentuate his patients natural beauty, achieve their precise cosmetic objectives and preserve their ethnic identity.

He considers the patients overall look, personality, height, weight, face shape, and lifestyle. He takes a holistic approach to your procedure. Being a Facial and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon and an ENT Specialist allows him to not only construct the exterior of the nose beautifully, but stabilize the inside of the nose so that breathing is also enhanced.  

Taking the Leap

Summer is here, so if youre interested in having a Rhinoplasty, now is the perfect time. You can devote time to the recovery process and enjoy the rest of your summer as the new you.  Patients who are interested in any of these Rhinoplasty procedures are invited to set up an exam with board certified ENT Specialist and Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kevin Sadati. Dr. Kevin Sadati can discuss the patient’s individual situation and help the patient to decide which procedure is the best choice for them this summer.



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