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Common Plastic Surgeries for Teens

While recent statistics have shown that the number of teenage plastic surgery patients has dropped down a bit nationwide, Dr. Kevin Sadati notes that these procedures can have a positive impact on a young adult’s life. It is not uncommon for teens to be interested in meeting with a plastic surgeon, to discuss their options and to find out what surgeries they are a good candidate for at this point in their lives. The teenage years can be a difficult time, and Orange County teens have found that, by improving their appearance, they can in turn build their self confidence and improve their body image.

Common Plastic Surgery Procedures for Teens



This procedure is designed to tuck a person’s ears back and make them more symmetrical with the rest of the face. It was the most common cosmetic surgery procedure that was performed on teenage patients in 2012. Patients whose ears appear to stick out from their head may have undergone many years of bullying and teasing in school, so this surgery is a way to provide them with the relief they need in order to move forward in life with an improved self esteem.


While the otoplasty was the most popular procedure that was performed on teens, the rhinoplasty surgery is the surgery most teens request to have done. However, not every teen who wants to have a nose job done is necessarily a good candidate. Dr. Kevin Sadati has strict age restrictions for his teenage patients and waits to ensure that the nose is fully developed on every patient before he performs a rhinoplasty procedure. For girls, the minimum age requirement is between 15 and 16 years old, whereas male patients need to wait until they are closer to 17 or 18 years old.

Breast Reduction Surgery

This surgery is typically performed on female patients who have very large breasts. Breasts that are too large for the body frame can cause back pain and can prevent a girl from doing certain physical activities. Large breasts can also make the patient appear overweight, which can lead to teasing or bullying by friends and classmates. It is recommended that teenage girls wait to have this procedure performed until their breasts are fully formed and developed in order to ensure the best results.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the numbers of teens who undergo cosmetic surgery procedures has dropped significantly. In 2002, more than 220,000 cosmetic surgery procedures were performed on teenage patients. In 2012, that number had dropped to just about 130,000 procedures. Dr. Kevin Sadati still feels teenage patients are an important part of his Newport Beach practice. He services many teens throughout the year, and works to provide them with natural-looking results that allow them to feel better about themselves. Through cosmetic surgery, Dr. Kevin Sadati hopes to provide teens with the confidence they need in order to achieve the best in life. For more information, set up a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Kevin Sadati today.



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