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California Rhinoplasty CenterAt his state-of-the-art orange county plastic surgery facility, Dr. Kevin Sadati has helped numerous California rhinoplasty patients to achieve their desired nasal profile. To understand Rhinoplasty in depth, please review this brief information below and also visit his patients’ before and after rhinoplasty pictures in the rhinoplasty photos page.

Rhinoplasty is one of the oldest and most common cosmetic surgery procedures, operations on the nose (nose jobs) remain very in style.

It is imperative for the likely patient to differentiate between reconstructive nasal surgeries that are performed to improve nasal obstruction and deviated septum versus those cosmetic procedures, which alter the external shape of the nose to improve one’s appearance. Breathing problem of the nose is frequently caused by a deviated nasal septum that requires a straightening of the nasal septum called septoplasty.  In some instances septoplasty can be combined with a turbinate reduction to improve breathing.

Modifying the appearance of the nose, also known as rhinoplasty may involve surgery of the straightening of the nasal bones, correction of the cartilaginous portions of the nose, or both. Frequently, both septoplasty and rhinoplasty are performed together to improve the breathing and appearance of the nose at once. (Rhinoseptoplasty)

Prior to your rhinoplasty surgery, it is imperative that you have a good understanding of what may be changed and how your nose will look after surgery. Computer imaging can help you to see how you nose may look after surgery. Dr. Sadati feels that this is important for anyone considering rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty may be done either open or closed, depending upon the complexity of your surgery.

In closed rhinoplasty, incisions are made inside the nose only and minor changes such as a small hump reduction or tip narrowing may be done. In open rhinoplasty is preserved for more major changes in the nose or for revision rhinoplasty surgery. This involves a small incision under the nasal tip between nostrils known as columella. This incision usually heals very well and leaves near invisible scar.

As a skilled, experienced facial plastic surgeon in California, Dr. Sadati performs a variety of procedures for the face. In addition to rhinoplasty (nose surgery) Dr. Sadati also helps California face lift patients reduce the effects of aging and sun damage by performing under local anesthesia.



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