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California Male Rhinoplasty

Newport Beach, California Male RhinoplastyMale Rhinoplasty or male nose surgery is by far the most complex cosmetic procedure.

Nasal reshaping for men is markedly distinctive from that of women. It requires a rhinoplasty surgeon with vast knowledge, expertise and experience of nose to deliver a perfect masculine and straight nose.

for a More Attractive Nose

Men by and large are concern with to the shape of the nose, rather than it size. Like having a wide, bulbous tip, long or a crooked nose can be quite annoying for men. Luckily this is not a matter that a male has to live with for the rest of his life. A good male rhinoplasty can improve all such aesthetic problems.

There may be different reasons that would require a male nose surgery or male rhinoplasty. Some of which are acquired deformity, injury and trauma causing changes of nasal appearance. In all nasal procedures, the facial plastic surgeon is concern about what exact procedure is suitable for the patient, a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure.

Reconstructive versus Cosmetic Nasal Surgery

A Reconstructive Rhinoplasty surgery is about correct the minor or major deformities that cause malfunction of normal breathing and airflow, whereas a cosmetic male rhinoplasty surgery focuses on creating a natural and good look for the nose. The advancements in rhinoplasty techniques have made this procedure safer with shorter recovery. Unlike before, it is now possible to improve the nasal profile by reduction rhinoplasty or augmentation rhinoplasty.

There may be slight discomfort, swelling and bruising for a few days that is well tolerated and discomfort is managed with minimal pain medication. Reconstructive male rhinoplasty is a very delicate surgery and an experienced facial plastic surgeon can make certain the best cosmetic results. A good male rhinoplasty can improves your handsome look and can noticeably boost your self-confidence and esteem.



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