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Broken Nose? You Have Options

The nose is one of the most fragile facial features, largely because of its cartilage and bone structure as well as the fact that it protrudes from the center of the face. A broken nose is a common injury amongst athletes, and it also can occur as a result of an accident. Orange County residents should be aware of the symptoms of a broken nose, as well as know the treatment options that are available.

When the cartilage bridge on the nose is broken, or the nasal septum is damaged, I diagnose the patient with a broken nose. As an expert facial plastic surgeon, I understand the importance of correcting the structural damage as well as providing the patient with an improved appearance,” noted Dr. Kevin Sadati. ” My approach and surgical technique provides patients with the comprehensive results that they want after suffering a broken nose.

Restoring the Nose

Newport Beach residents who have a broken nose will experience significant swelling and bruising around the nose and eyes, and in some cases they also may experience nose bleeds. The structural damage that occurs as a result of the injury can make it difficult to breathe. Most patients will find that the swelling takes up to two weeks to subside after the initial injury, and it is at that point that they may realize that nose surgery is necessary.

The rhinoplasty is the best option for patients who have suffered from a broken nose. During this cosmetic surgery procedure, the surgeon will fix the structural issues with the nose and correct the shape of the nose. The goal of a rhinoplasty after an injury is to restore the nose to its original size and shape.

A broken nose can be traumatic for the patient, not only because it is painful but also because it can change their entire appearance,” explained Dr. Kevin Sadati. “I work to provide individual patients with personalized treatment plans that will give them the results they both want and need.

A broken nose should be diagnosed and treated by a professional who specializes in nose surgery procedures. If you have recently suffered a facial injury, contact Dr. Kevin Sadati’s office today in order to set up a consultation appointment.



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