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Breast Augmentation: Know the Facts

Breast Augmentation: Know the FactsWomen throughout Orange County and Southern California know something that gives them confidence in their appearance, and now you can be privy to some good information about breast augmentation that will give you that same leading edge. Breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures performed in the United States but only a highly qualified plastic surgeon can bring out the perfect shape and size in breasts that are full, symmetrical and all around lovely.

Breast augmentation including implants can enhance or restore the beautiful curves of a womans breast. Breast implants improve the size and shape of the breast by adding firmness and fullness. Implants can also correct asymmetry and restore fullness that was lost with age or pregnancy.

Dr. Kevin Sadati helps women in Newport Beach enhance their body images and improve self-esteem through breast augmentation. Every patient receives a personal consultation and thoughtful, careful planning to ensure the safest, most effective outcome.


Types of Breast Implants

Patients may choose from saline-filled breast implants, or the newly approved FDA cohesive gel silicone implants. Implants come in all shapes and sizes, from the more-natural teardrop shape to a round shape. Teardrop-shaped implants are fuller at the bottom half to give the breast a more natural shape but, in time, these implants tend to rotate to give an unnatural appearance. Round implants can rotate freely without changing the shape of the breast.

Incision and Breast Implant Location

Surgeons can make the incision in a variety of places, either in the crease below the breast, near the colored areolas around the nipple, under the armpit or up through the belly button. While Dr. Sadati suggests incisions below the breast or at the nipple, patients may choose any incision point they like. While surgeons may place breast implants above the chest muscles or below them, Dr. Sadati prefers to place implants below chest muscles to provide a more natural result.

The Procedure

We perform breast augmentation in our outpatient Newport Beach facility. Patients receive state-of-the-art pre-operative care including a consultation with specially trained surgeons and anesthesiologists. The surgeon makes marks on the body where he intends to make changes and takes some before pictures to compare with after pictures.

After proper anesthesia, surgical workers bring the patient into the operating room and administer drugs to shrink the blood vessels and control bleeding. Next, the surgeon makes an incision in the skin and creates pockets above or below the muscle. He then places a pre-filled gel breast implant into the pocket; he places empty saline implants into the pocket and injects a pre-determined amount of saline into the implant. The surgeon then closes the incision and the anesthesiologist wakes up the patient. Breast augmentation takes about an hour and a half to perform.

Dr. Sadati and his staff go to great lengths to ensure patients comfort after breast augmentation surgery, placing anesthesia in the pockets to reduce post-surgical discomfort. Following surgery, patients receive safe and effective medication to relieve mild to moderate discomfort. Patients may have stitches removed after seven days. Any bruising, swelling, or firmness issues usually subside over several weeks to months.

Breast augmentation has improved the lives of thousands of women in the United States. Isnt it time you shared in some of that good life?



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