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Benefits of Septoplasty Surgery

While it is performed by an expert cosmetic surgeon, the septoplasty procedure is actually a medically-necessary operation. Patients who require a septoplasty suffer from a deviated septum, and this surgical procedure is the only way to correct the structural issue in their nose. When the septum is deviated, Orange County patients are not able to breathe properly.

A deviated septum can cause chronic nasal congestion as well as snoring. It can make it difficult for those living in Newport Beach to breathe, especially when they are participating in contact sports or exercising. There are many advantages to having the septoplasty performed by a facial plastic surgeon.

What are the Benefits of the Septoplasty?

The structural corrections that take place during this operation allow the patient to breathe freely again because the nasal passageways are cleared. Patients are able to enjoy more physical activities because they do not feel limited by their breathing abilities anymore.

Patients who have the septoplasty performed will not suffer from sinus infections as often as they did in the past. Given the fact that the deviated septum can block the nasal passageways, patients who were born with this structural issue often have more sinus infections because mucus does not drain properly from the nose.

After the deviated septum, the nasal passages will clear correctly and the number of sinus infections the patient suffers from will be minimized.

Other symptoms may be eliminated, as a result, of this procedure as well, such as chronic snoring, nosebleeds and sinus headaches. Patients generally enjoy a higher quality of life after this operation.

The surgery does not improve the appearance of the nose, but it can be combined with the rhinoplasty in order to maximize the results and minimize the downtime associated with the surgery.

The goal of the nose job is to enhance the appearance of the nose and allow the person to feel more confident after the surgery is complete. The septorhinoplasty procedure is one of the most common combination operations performed by facial plastic surgeons today.

The septoplasty is a safe, minimally-invasive surgical procedure. The operation itself will last for about an hour, unless it is combined with a rhinoplasty. The patient does not have to stay overnight in the hospital, and can return home that day in order to rest and recover.

The recovery takes about 7-10 days to complete, but patients experience the most discomfort during the first 48 hours. The surgeon will provide the patient with personalized post-operative instructions in order to make the recovery as quick and easy as possible.

Patients who need to have a septoplasty performed should make an effort to locate the most qualified cosmetic surgeon in their region. It is essential to work with a skilled surgeon who is experienced in performing the septoplasty procedure, as well as other nose surgery procedures such as the rhinoplasty.

The best surgeon will work to provide you with personalized results and give you the maximum amount of relief after the operation is complete.



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