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Addressing Crooked Nose

Orange County patients often complain of having a crooked nose, and this nasal deformity is one of the most common reasons that people opt to have a rhinoplasty performed by an expert facial plastic surgeon. While the crooked nose is one of the most popular reasons to invest in the rhinoplasty procedure, it’s not always the easiest correction to make during this facial plastic surgery. Newport Beach residents who are interested in the rhinoplasty and hoping to correct their crooked nose should understand how facial plastic surgeons address this issue.


What Causes a Crooked Nose?

A crooked nose can be caused be a variety of different things. For some people, their crooked nose is inherited from their parents and is a gift of genetics. For others, the crooked nose is a result of an injury or a broken nose. In other cases, the crooked nose might be caused by a deviated septum. The cause of the crooked nose will determine the technique that the surgeon uses in order to transform the patient’s nose and overall appearance.

What Techniques are Used in Order to Correct the Crooked Nose?

If the crooked nose is caused by genetics or by a deviated septum, a septorhinoplasty procedure is often recommended to the patient. During this combination procedure, the surgeon performs a septoplasty in order to correct the deviated septum and then completes the rhinoplasty in order to improve the appearance of the nose. In cases where the nose has been injured and is now crooked, the surgeon will use a specialized rhinoplasty technique that improves the appearance of the patient’s nose. It’s important to understand that the rhinoplasty procedure is a cosmetic surgery and is not designed to improve the structure or functionality of the nose. Only the septoplasty procedure can assist in improving the performance of the nose.

Why is it Especially Difficult to Correct a Crooked Nose?

Correcting a crooked nose requires expert precision and skill on the part of the surgeon. Not only must the surgeon fix the crookedness of the nose, but the surgeon also must take into account the overall nasal symmetry. When adjusting the bone and cartilage structure of the nose, the surgeon must take great care to be sure that the rest of the nose is still proportionate. On top of the that, the new appearance of the nose must also be harmonious with the rest of the patient’s facial features.

All rhinoplasty patients must have realistic expectations of surgical results prior to having this cosmetic surgery performed. Working with an expert facial plastic surgeon will help ensure that you understand what can be achieved during this cosmetic surgery procedure, and what results you should not expect. The ultimate goal is to improve the appearance of your nose without compromising your natural appearance or identity. It is preferable to provide the patient with natural-looking results, rather than sculpt a brand new nose that might not be harmonious with the rest of the facial features.



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