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Achieving Natural Facelift Results

Unfortunately, a series of botched facelifts on celebrities have given the facelift cosmetic surgery a bad reputation. This procedure has become known as the cosmetic surgery that makes patients look fake and tight rather than refreshed, young and beautiful. However, Dr. Kevin Sadati wants people to know that natural facelift results are possible when you work with an experienced, skilled and qualified cosmetic surgeon. People in Newport Beach and throughout Orange County should not only desire these results, but they also should expect these results from the cosmetic surgeon they choose to work with for their plastic surgery.

The Secret to Natural Facelift Results

The surgeon should study the patient. This means documenting a person’s age, ethnicity and medical history. The cosmetic surgeon should understand where the patient is in the aging process and what various factors will affect the aging process in the future. In addition to evaluating biological factors, the surgeon should assess the environmental factors that can impact a person’s face. This well-rounded evaluation will help the surgeon create the most natural-looking results during the operation.

The surgeon must be familiar with modern facelift techniques and know how to apply those techniques to individual patients properly. The facelift procedure of the 21st century involves not only removing excess skin but also tightening the muscles in the face to provide the patient with long-lasting results. You should find a surgeon who is familiar with revolutionary facelift techniques such as the mini facelift, the natural facelift and the neck lift procedure. Avoid surgeons who feel that the best approach to this operation is tightening the skin as much as possible. Instead, find a surgeon who complements the removal of skin with dermal fillers and fat grafts.

The surgeon should be able to use other cosmetic procedures to complement the results of the facelift. An expert surgeon recognizes that one or more surgical procedures might be required in order to provide the patient with truly awe-inspiring results. Some patients need neck liposuction to regain their youthful appearance while other patients may need a brow lift procedure to finalize their new look. Many plastic surgeons today use chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing to repair damaged skin and rejuvenate a person’s appearance after the facelift is complete. Every patient is different; therefore each patient will require different complementary procedures. You should choose a surgeon who knows how to customize his surgical plans in order to give you the results you need.

Dr. Sadati is a board certified facial plastic surgeon who has been practicing for more than a decade. He has become known throughout Orange County as the surgeon who can be counted on to provide natural-looking results each and every time. Through his innovative consultation process, Dr. Sadati develops a personal relationship with each patient that allows him to craft custom results. To find out if you are a qualified candidate for the facelift procedure, take the time to book your free cosmetic consultation today.



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