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Common Teen Procedures

Today’s teenagers have to be more concerned about image than ever before. Not only are they dealing with the same social pressures that teenagers have been dealing with for decades, but they also have to think about building their own brand, developing their identity and managing their image on social media. This means that appearance is more than everything — and cosmetic surgery is often the best choice for these young adults.

A teen who is unhappy with their appearance may lack the self-confidence they need in order to succeed during these formative years,” explained Dr. Kevin Sadati.Teen cosmetic surgery procedures are designed to help young adults feel better about themselves by providing them with natural-looking results.

Some of the most popular teen cosmetic surgery procedures in Orange County are:



 — During this operation, the surgeon will correct the structure of the nose to improve the patient’s appearance. It can be performed on teens, as long as the nose is completely developed. This typically happens in girls by the age of 16 and in boys by the age of 17.


— This cosmetic surgery will pin back the ears if they are protruding too far from the head.

Chin Augmentation 

— This procedure is performed in order to reshape the chin, and it helps improve overall facial harmony.

Breast Reduction 

— Patients must be at least 15 years old to have this surgery performed. The goal of this surgery is to reduce the size of the breasts, and teens may have it performed because they are embarrassed by the extremely large size of their breasts or their breasts are causing back pain and shoulder pain.

Breast Asymmetry Correction

 — This surgery is performed in order to correct the size and shape of the breasts when one breast is significantly different in size from the other.



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