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What to Expect From Your Breast Reduction Surgery

What to Expect From Your Breast Reduction Surgery

For women who have very large, heavy breasts, breast reduction surgery can be a life-changing procedure. If you’re considering breast reduction, then the most important step is partnering with an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can help you find relief from symptoms. Here’s what you can expect from breast reduction surgery with Dr. Whitney Florin at our luxurious Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Lounge.


Discussing Breast Reduction Symptoms

In order to determine whether you’re a good candidate for breast reduction, be prepared to discuss your experience with large breasts at length during your consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. This can help you and your cosmetic surgeon determine your goals and whether they’re achievable with breast reduction surgery. Common symptoms of large breasts can include:

  • Back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Limited physical activity
  • Rash or chafing under your breasts
  • Difficulty finding properly fitting clothing
  • Bra lines or indentations
  • Self-consciousness and unwanted attention

If you’re at an otherwise healthy weight, don’t have medical conditions that could impact your surgery, and have realistic expectations and a positive outlook, then breast reduction can be a great option for you.

Choosing Your New Breast Size

It’s good to go into your breast reduction journey with an idea of what you want your breasts and your overall figure to look like once it’s done. Typically, breast reduction can achieve a 1-2 cup reduction, but this can be more or less dramatic based on your existing anatomy and frame. It can be helpful to consider your lifestyle and whether you want to be more active (and want to go as small as possible) or if you enjoy a curvier look (and want to retain some of your current size).

Keep in mind that cup sizes don’t always translate over exactly when looking at your final size. Cosmetic surgeons instead measure in centimeters, typically from the base of the neck to the nipple to the breast fold. It can be helpful to bring a picture of your ideal bust size so your cosmetic surgeon can help you determine the best approach rather than trying to guess a specific cup size (which varies depending on the manufacturer).

Recovering From Surgery

You’ll see and feel immediate results after your surgical session, but your final results will depend mostly on your recovery process and how well you adhere to instructions. Plan to give yourself at least one week off from work and a few weeks off from regular activities to focus on resting. Most pain and discomfort will occur within the first week, but it can be managed with prescribed medications. Make sure to wear your surgical bra as much as possible, which will help manage swelling and support your incisions. You can expect your full results to settle in within about three months, but it can take up to a year for your scars to fade.

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