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Seriously…Six Months?

Well, yes and no. Recovery from a nose job can be a lengthy process but with a proactive care regimen, you can expect to recuperate from the initial stages of swelling and bruising within the first two to three weeks. So, what’s this about six months? While the first stages of the surgery usually subsides after a few weeks, total healing and recovery can take six months; sometimes an entire year.

During the first stages of recovery, the bridge of the nose and face will see the longest periods of puffiness. This stage usually lasts a week or two, but with any surgery, there will be soreness and bruising. In order to effectively manage pain, your doctor will probably prescribe some type of painkiller such as Tylenol 3 or Vicodin. Be sure to avoid anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen or NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Sleeping position is very important, especially in the first few nights after surgery. You never want to sleep in a position that puts pressure on your new nose. It is best to sleep on your back with your head raised to prevent bleeding.

After the first week, the swelling will start to subside and you will have a general idea of how the surgery went. Your surgeon will take a photo immediately after the procedure and then again after four weeks. The results will be dramatic.

Swelling and bruising are normal elements of the recovery and there are practical steps you can take to speed up that process. Icepacks are very effective against swelling. Loose packed ice, such as a frozen bag of peas, will shape to your nose and reduce puffiness. If you smoke, quit. The chemicals and cancer causing agents found in cigarettes will not only increase your recovery time, there is a very good chance it will deform your nose. Another commonly used method is taping the nose to keep cartilage and bones in place. Nasal packing may also be employed; however this method is quickly losing favor in the medical community.

Diet is a major part of your recovery. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains help cells regenerate. Avoid greasy, fatty foods that will make you feel lethargic. Recovery differs from patient to patient. Ask your doctor about the recovery process, follow their instruction, and enjoy your new, beautiful look!



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