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Recovery from a Rhinoplasty: A Personal Story

Before writing about my recovery, I first want to discuss my decision to get a nose job. I first decided to have the procedure because I was tired of not feeling good about myself and felt I needed a drastic change.

Even on my best days, I would look into a mirror and my mental state would fall into pieces. Negative thoughts of my nose started to have a disastrous effect on my self-esteem. I made the decision and saved up my money for a nose job. I flew out to Southern California and got it done by an expert. I sat in my hotel room that night recovering from my day of surgery.

That night, I had trouble going to sleep. Perhaps it was because I was excessively tired from the flight, or maybe the blood loss from the surgery itself, the post-op pain; most likely it was all three. I took my prescribed medication and got few hours of rest. I remember wanting to sleep on my side but knew I could not. I remained on my back and kept my head up on a few pillows to prevent any nose bleeding.

The next morning I woke up and I felt really sore. I also remember feeling a little uneasy. Had I made the right decision? I was starting to second-guess myself. After all, this is an irreversible procedure that would permanently change the way I look. So, I surfed the internet and watched some TV.

The doctor left me with specific instruction not to move around too much and not to wash my face. It even hurt brushing my teeth but I still managed. I took a few more pain killers throughout the day and just sat around hoping to heal quickly.

After a couple of days, I revisited the doctor and he took the tape off and I got to see my new nose for the first time. It didn’t look much different but it had only been five days, so I gave it a chance. After a week in the hotel; letting my nose heal I was ready to go back to Boston. Overall, the experience was interesting and my recovery is still in progress. It has been about six weeks since the surgery and I find that my nose job recovery coming along quite well. While I am still anxious to see the final result, I do not regret my decision to have it done. I did something good for myself and my confidence!



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