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Common Issues with Nasal Fractures

When people in Orange County suffer from nasal fractures, they may first think about the implication that this injury might have on their appearances. A nasal fracture may cause a bump or hump to form on the nasal bridge, and it can cause additional swelling in the nose.

[su_quote]While many people in Newport Beach opt to have a rhinoplasty performed after they break their nose, they do not realize that they may have medical complications from their fracture as well. A nose job can address these common issues associated with a nasal fracture and can improve the person’s appearance after an injury.[/su_quote]

What Are Common Issues with Nasal Fractures?

People who have nasal fractures may suffer from frequent nosebleeds. This may be one of the first signs for a person that his or her nose is broken, for long and frequent nosebleeds often result from this injury. If a person leaves his or her nose to heal on its own, continual nosebleed episodes may occur if the nose has healed itself improperly. This can cause additional health complications, such as frequent sinus infections.

As the fracture begins to heal, some people may experience a cartilage collapse in the nose. Much of the internal structure of the nose is made up of cartilage, and this cartilage may be weakened as a result of the nasal injury.

If the cartilage can no longer maintain structural support of the nose, the person’s appearance may change. The nose might appear like it is indented or even sinking into the face. In addition to effecting the appearance of the nose, cartilage collapse can also cause nasal obstruction. This makes it more difficult for the patient to breathe and can also impact the patient’s sleeping patterns.

The structure of the nose may be jarred and can become crooked. This not only impacts a person’s appearance, but can also affect how the nose functions on a daily basis. Nobody wants to look in the mirror and see a crooked nose, but what’s worse is looking in the mirror and not being able to breathe properly at the same time.

As the structure is changed and impacted as a result of the injury, the nasal passageway may become blocked or obstructed. This can cause a person to have a difficult time breathing and sleeping. A rhinoplasty procedure can address the crookedness of the nose, ultimately providing the patient with physical relief and an improved appearance.

Nasal fractures are a fairly common injury, especially among people who participate in athletics, contact sports, or routine exercise. As the nose protrudes from the face, it is left vulnerable and susceptible to injury. The structure itself is very delicate, which is another reason why nasal fractures are relatively common. Patients who have recently broken their nose will want to work with an expert facial plastic surgeon who will not only fix their appearance, but also address any structural issues that resulted from the injury.



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