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Tingling Sensation After Facelift

During the facelift procedure, the surgeon will not only remove excess skin from the face but also tighten the muscles within the face in order to provide natural-looking, long-lasting results.

Orange County patients love the results that they receive when surgeons use this technique, but it can increase the risk of nerve damage and tingling after the surgery. It’s important for Newport Beach patients to understand what is normal and what is cause for concern when they feel this tingling feeling after their own facelift procedure.

Is it Normal to Have a Tingling Sensation After the Facelift?

It is relatively common for patients to experience a slight tingling sensation in their face immediately after their surgery has been completed. This tingling sensation may be minor, or it could be coupled with twinges, scratching, burning or even sharp pangs of pain. This is all normal, and can be expected for about three to six months after the surgery.

The tingling sensation is actually a better symptom to experience than complete numbness or lack of feeling in the face. When patients experience the tingling sensation on their face, they are actually feeling their nerves regenerating and healing after the surgery. This is a sign of physical improvement and also a sign that there will be normal feeling again in the face within a matter of months

. While it can be uncomfortable or even concerning at the time, patients should rest easy knowing that their body is simply trying to heal itself after the traumatic surgical event. The end result will be worth it, when the patient looks and feels at least ten years younger.

Patients who are not having any feeling or any tingling sensations in their face six months after the surgery should talk with the cosmetic surgeon about their nerve repair options. If the patient is not experiencing any sort of sensation in the face, this could be a sign that the nerve was permanently damaged during the surgery. This is a rare complication of the facelift procedure, but it can happen from time to time. Patients may find that nerve repair or nerve surgery may be necessary in order to gain the feeling back in their face.

While nerve damage is a common side effect of the facelift procedure, it’s important for patients to understand that working with an expert facial plastic surgeon will minimize this risk significantly. A qualified surgeon who has plenty of experience performing this procedure will know how to provide patients with optimum results without forcing them to sacrifice sensation and feeling in their face.

In addition, the best surgeon will treat each patient like an individual and will create a customized surgical plan that will address their particular needs and wants. Patients should begin the process of finding an expert facial plastic surgeon by setting up a cosmetic consultation appointment in order to meet with the surgeon they are considering in person and discuss the risks and benefits of this cosmetic surgery.



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