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Natural Facelift Testimonial

Video Transcript

hi I’m Janine Setzler I’m 48 years old and I had a neck and facelift from dr. sadati about two months ago I always knew I was going to do something eventually and you know I’ve had a lot of stuff done on my body but I thought I’d keep my face this is something you can’t make a mistake with and I was really nervous about who I was gonna go see so I started off like asking a friends and family and Newport Beach there’s so many people you know you can go see and dr. Selda his name kept coming up and I actually interviewed about four different plastic surgeons and every consultation was totally different and so I walk in I’m like okay definitely not this guy maybe this guy and then when I went to see dr. sadati it was a totally different experience it was like professional right when you walk in and his consultation was so thorough that it was like I had like 10 questions written down and he said don’t ask any questions I’m gonna explain to you what your day is gonna be like and then he just went from the time I got there until the time I was done and you know that the two recovery days afterwards and I just sat there and it’s very intense he like sent right next to me face to face our knees were almost touching that’s right intimate and bringing tense and he just went on about the procedure and he said it like in a way of reading a book he’s like chapter one chapter two chapter three and it was actually a really bad experience was like I was sold after that because he was very professional and very thorough and he just felt comfortable with him and then I reached down to get my notes and he had answered every question so I was like he’s any actually do you have any questions I always have questions and I said no and so then I left feeling great told my husband all about him and then we decided definitely to go for with dr. sadati okay so then the day of surgery you know I just showed up the surgery center was very clean professional everybody there – knew what they were doing I felt like I was in good hands and he said it was wasn’t gonna be total anesthesia but like Twilight but it felt like anesthesia so I literally filled out some forms they gave me a nice cocktail I fell asleep I woke up it was like the easiest surgery I’ve ever had in my life went home with my face wrapped up and then the next day at the post-op you know he gives you this really nice smoothie to drink like for health benefits and you know papaya and mango and he nice big advocate on you know that – and got hooked on those and still drinking him and then the next day I mean I pretty much looked like after two days I looked like this I mean just a little bit of swelling it went down after it you know it’s 2 or 3 days and I was back to my normal life in about a week but it was just a great experience all around the reason why I chose dr. sadati was right away when you see him like he’s kind of an example of the work he does he’s an artist like he’s clean he’s put together he’s very creative and you can see that in his attire so just meeting him is very like wow and then when he talks to you there’s like a professionalism underneath it all and he’s intense but he’s serious but he’s also kind of light-hearted too so the whole package put together it just it makes you want to be in his presence and I know that he’s an artist I saw his youtube channel and I see that he does sculpting and just everything about him you know that you don’t just want a doctor you want an artist as well so you know that was the first impression I was like wow and you know I’ve been married for almost 20 years and after this was all said and done my husband I mean to this day he just stares at me constantly like driving in the car like he just like what and he’s like you just look like you did when I first met you and that just means the world to me you know and I do I notice a difference when I’m putting on my makeup everything smooth I haven’t worn eyeshadow in ten years and now wearing eye shadow so I’ll new eyeshadows and yeah it’s just been a great experience

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