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Facelift Patient Testimonial | Kathy

Video Transcript

first I’d like to sincerely thank dr. sadati his staff and his surgical team I had three facial procedures done when you walk into dr. su Dottie’s office you will be greeted by one of his staff members and then another you will find they’re all so warm and kind and really make you feel comfortable they’re really the best then you meet dr. sadati and right off the bat you’ll know that he is exceptional in his field and that he meticulously describes the procedures and the processes and goes over all your questions and concerns he really cares about your well-being on a day of surgery there are no surprises because dr. sadati and his staff have gone over the day with you and his great surgical team really puts you at ease I went back to work in ten days after the surgery I worked 40 hour work week I told a couple of the people that I work with that I had the surgery Ryan tell anybody else other people thought I looked good but they didn’t know I feel that dr. sadati made me a better me I feel younger I feel happier I feel more fun he doesn’t change your looks he enhances your looks

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