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Andrea’s Non-surgical Facelift with Profound RF and Neck Liposuction

Video Transcript

because Andrea here we’re gonna do liposuction of neck to create a better contour and go for neck here as you can see it just fatty tissue here and later on we’re gonna do profound which is a micro needling with radiofrequency to tighten the skin because we’re gonna have loose skin without doing any incision so this is called non-surgical face and necklace so delineating the area that we’re going to do liposuction so basically it’s going to be all the way from here this is a little bit incision line under the chin area we’re going to liposuction all the way down through here

this is the jawline so we’re gonna give her a better contour hang off the jawline by taking this so this is with his MO and delineation and this is the area of liposuction now this is performed on the local anesthesia and Twilight sedation so she’s very relaxed it’s not general anesthesia so we’re gonna put her back and we’re gonna start doing the procedure we’re gonna start injecting the area this is the insertion of cannula from here and here so they’re gonna be a little pinch Andreea this is the numbing medication that were injecting help her to be numb this is knowing medication that you give us getting in intentive but it has a long lasting effect on surgical so initially we do know me the neck area and they later on once we’re doing the liposuction then we proceed with profound which is micro needling with radiofrequency very effective one-time treatment amazing we go but the result I’m not going to be for somebody who’s like 50 year old or six year old not famous faceless this procedure is mostly appropriate for people in their forties and thirties that have my laxity and it will improve this earth early signs of aging process in the face area so our clinical studies showed this only is about 40% of what a faith and necklace would do for older patients like anybody over 50 the goal and of still remain at age young individuals like Maria ear the next my collection and profound treatment with the excellent dishes very comfortable procedure is performed at local anesthesia and Twilight sedation you can get some medication for them early on oral medication they get very relaxed you can tolerate the injection of medication without putting them on the jaw line it’s just safer once you go into general anesthesia with caught and also the more risk involved recovery is a little bit different is much better probably under this is the area it can be profound later on after I perform the neck by perfection that also improves the quality in because this years are worthy in an oily that we want to improve or this hip-hop girl we’re ready to do

neck area and they get multi-page an area called open liposuction so this is the liposuction of the neck area you can see she’s very comfortable this is normally performed with faith and neck lift so the first procedure is to do liposuction so to bring more definition and facelift obviously be doing tightening up a band which is more pan in the center and in the muscle from the back with this case we’re doing non-surgical teeth and necklace so basically and profound the micro needling with profound the whole point is to build collagen and elastic and hyaluronic acid so with the six millimeters of needles they’re actually entering in and hitting right into that reticular dermis where we get that destruction with the radiofrequency so it’s not like your typical micro needling it’s actually delivering radiofrequency of the optimal area

skin’s matrix to rebuild to offer lift contour tightening

usually by three months you’ll start to see results six months as your final results so it’s a building process it’s a natural accumulation of the collagen elastin the hyaluronic acid so it takes time but that’s the beauty of it it’s a natural process and it’s a one-time treatment so afterwards we have swelling and bruising because it is aggressive what it does but it makes for great results

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