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Fat Grafting Being Used To Improve Facial Features As Well As Breasts

Fat Grafting Being Used To Improve Facial Features As Well As BreastsIt’s a procedure that Dr Kevin Sadati helped to pioneer, and it has been gaining popularity in recent years as a more natural approach to plastic surgery. Sadati, a board certified facial plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, performs a variety of fat grafting with PRP procedures on his patients. Some patients request a fat graft to help their faces look younger and more beautiful, while some female patients are finding fat grafts to be a wonderful alternative to a traditional breast augmentation.

Fat grafting is a procedure that takes fat from another part of a person’s body where there might be excess fat tissue, and relocates it to another part that could use the tissue. For instance, a woman’s face ages over time and the fat tissue diminishes in the cheek area. This can cause the overall look of her face to change, and a fat graft can successfully take tissue from another part of the body and rejuvenate her cheeks once again.

This procedure also works well for breast augmentation, as fat tissue from other parts of the body can be used to boost the size and health of a woman’s breasts.

“Fat grafting with PRP is increasing in popularity not only in Orange County, but also across the entire country,” Dr. Kevin Sadati said. “As a pioneer of this unique procedure, my patients benefit from my innovative thinking as well as my wealth of experience on the process.”

Fat grafting is a beneficial procedure for anyone who is hoping to have a plastic surgery procedure done in order to help boost their own self image and self confidence. It is especially helpful for women who have survived breast cancer and would like to do a less invasive procedure to reconstruct their breasts after a mastectomy.

“A woman’s self confidence is often highly dependent on these areas of her body,” Dr. Kevin Sadati said.

“Fat grafting allows her to improve her total body image, specifically focusing on the areas she wants to improve the most. When she feels better about her body overall, she will feel more self confident and her inner beauty will beam through.”

Patients who are interested in this procedure can contact Dr. Kevin Sadati at his Newport Beach office. A consultation can be set up either online, or over the phone.

At the consultation, Dr. Kevin Sadati will talk to his patients in detail about the fat grafting procedure. At this time, a patient can decide if this is the best route for her to take or she can discuss other options she might have with the doctor.

“It is important for every patient to weigh the pros and cons of having any sort of plastic surgery done, and that includes fat grafting,” Dr. Kevin Sadati said. “My goal is to make sure all my patients are comfortable with the procedures they are undergoing, and ultimately, are pleased with the end result. I want everyone to feel as beautiful on the outside as they know they are on the inside. Fat grafting is a wonderful, natural way to achieve those results.”

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Dr. Sadati is respected by his peers and loved by his patients for his skill and expertise. He is so successful that he has been voted Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Orange County by OC Register and Top Doctor by Realself. Dr. Sadati is particularly known for creating natural, non-operated looking results for patients.



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